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Code Of Conduct

As part of Town Shoes Limited’s commitment to fair and just business practices, we have developed a Code of Conduct that we require all of our business partners to adhere to.
We have always integrated ethical concerns into our business practices. In light of this, we have formalized certain principles into a supplier Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct states our expectations for each business with which we have continuing supply relationships.
We expect and trust that you will honor the ethical, social, and environmental principles and practices evidenced in our Code of Conduct, both in fact and in spirit.
Please post the enclosed Code of Conduct in an area that all employees have access to. Additionally, please sign and return the enclosed document acknowledging your receipt of Town Shoes Limited’s Code of Conduct and your pledge to abide by its terms.
Please read the Code of Conduct and communicate these expectations throughout your organization as appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation and, as always, your partnership with Town Shoes Limited.