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DSW Kids Sizing Guide


How do I measure my child's foot?
How do I know if my child's shoes fit properly?

1. First, print out our handy kids' sizing tool below to help with measuring.

2. Make sure pant legs are rolled up so feet are visible! Socks should fit snug, but not too tight.

3. Download and print the sizing guide above and place the sizing tool paper on the floor next to a wall. Have your child stand against the wall very still, standing with heels at the heel line on the paper sizing tool.

4. Mark with a pen or pencil where the tip of your child's big toe ends.

5. Add about a thumb-width space after the end of his or her toe to determine a comfortable shoe size. But remember—shoe brands vary, and your child may need to try on multiple sizes to ensure a very comfortable fit.

1. If they're older kids, they might ask to go shoe shopping when their footwear starts feeling tight. But with little ones, ask these questions:

a. Can you wiggle your toes?
b. Do your toes touch the end of your shoe?
c. Do your heels slide around or feel too tight?

2. Use your thumb to press down on the top of the shoe. Make sure there is enough space (about a thumb width) between the ends of their toes and the tip of the shoe.

3. If you see any blisters, it's time to get their feet re-measured.

What if I buy them online and they don't fit?
How often do I need to buy them new shoes?

You can return kids' shoes to any Town Shoes Limited store for free, even if they don't have kids' shoes at that location. We also accept returns by mail for up to 60 days after an item was purchased. Learn more >>

Children's feet can grow quickly! Until age 2, feet should be measured every 2 - 3 months to ensure a proper fit. After that, use the tips listed above or see a DSW associate in a kids' store.

About DSW Kids Shoes

DSW Kids


With your kids always growing and trends always changing, DSW is making it easier than ever for the whole family to look and feel great. From rain boots and winter boots to sandals and sneakers, we’ve got styles your little ones will love at prices you’ll approve. Our vast selection ensures there’s something for everyone, and tons of new shoes are added every week. For everyday activities and life’s special moments, stock up on all the footwear your family will need and be prepared for every occasion.